Boost your Google rank during the holidays with Marketing Salon’s Top 5 SEO Tips

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Having a SEO-friendly website design will help shoppers find your business.

Give your business a gift that won’t stop giving by using The Marketing Salon’s Top 5 Search Engine Optimization strategies to

  • Maximize brand awareness, customer trust and regular visitors
  • Convert traffic from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+
  • Increase search engine rank on Google and Bing
  • Encourage link-building and content sharing

SEO Tip #1

Outstanding, must-read content is vital to your website’s Google rank. It used to be OK to load a website with unnaturally occurring keywords, but now Google has stepped up its game and only recognizes high quality content. This requires website to create content that can actually answer customers’ questions and provide them with knowledge on their desired topic.

By combining primary keywords, creativity and fun facts into weekly blogs, you can create continuous marketing success for your business’ search engine rank and website traffic. At the Marketing Salon, our digital marketers are highly trained with SEO strategies.

SEO Tip #2

Onsite optimization is also important to how your business ranks on search engines. In addition to excellent content and easily readable, your blogs and website should contain be unique. This means your specific keywords should not be found in your specific order anywhere else on the web. To be simple, don’t plagiarize.

Also, make sure your readers can use your content in a valuable way. Google recognizes if your website has highly sticky pages, meaning it looks good to search engines if readers stay on your website for more than a minute or so. It doesn’t look too good, if they click on your page and immediately click back.

SEO Tip #3

Social links and hashtags are taking over the world! So it’s best to follow the crowd. It is important to use social media networks for multiple reasons: first, it’s free; second, everyone and their grandmother is using it religiously; and third, it creates a direct route for users to travel to your website.

When customers tag your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+, Google immediately recognizes your website as something users are interested in. This is awesome for business! Schedule a free consultation with The Marketing Salon today to set up a social media marketing plan for your business.

SEO Tip #4

Create a simple lay out for your website. The easier it is to navigate, the more users will visit and return to your site. Google robots also travel through your website to look for broken links or complicated website architecture. But, think about it; it is not fun to go to a website and get confused because you only end up clicking back to the Google search results.

The easiest way to achieve a user-friendly website is to build a simple site map. Another solution, yet more expensive, would be to implement A/B testing. This testing enables to users to look at multiple versions of your site and give you feedback on what page or buttons are easiest to navigate.

At the Marketing Salon, web designers are skilled at developing user-friendly websites for any business type.

SEO Tip #5

Strong inbound links to your website and blog can dramatically increase your rank on search engine networks. If you link to a website with high traffic levels, you have a greater chance of routing some of those users to your own website.

Remember, if you are blogging about a certain topic and add facts from a credible website, you should always, always link back to their website. Not only will this give their organization the credits, but it will also create a link from your website to theirs. It is a win-win for both!

We understand how frustrating it can be to type your business name into a search engine and see no evidence that your company even exists. By using the Marketing Salon’s Top 5 SEO Tips, you may gradually see an exciting rise in your brand name and web presence on Google and Bing.

For a free consultation to develop a SEO campaign for your business, you can contact us at the Marketing Salon today!