Email automation will help you save time, keep customers and increase sales.

It pays to brighten up your current business marketing and advertising strategies to include automatic email tools, such as services like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. Used by The Marketing Salon, this particularly effective approach is perfect for small businesses that rely on recruiting new visitors or clients, but may be lacking the staff to make personal contacts with potential customers.

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Marketing Salon: Use email automation to send Happy Holiday messages to customers

The Marketing Salon, South Street’s first ‘walk-in’ graphic design and marketing firm, lists the Top 5 reasons why using Mail Chimp and Constant Contact as your email automation system can dramatically amp up your digital marketing efforts.

1. To send emails in a time efficient manner

Following up with prospective clients or customers via an email message is important. It would be laborious and a waste of time to manually send out an email to each customer or client, therefore email automation is a great marketing solution.

The Marketing Salon strongly recommends using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact as an email automation tool to alert customers of upcoming sales, current promotions, and special birthday discounts, or to thank them for choosing your business.

2. To quickly send out reminders

Email automation is the ideal way to remind customers, colleagues, and associates of upcoming events that would be important to them. For example, The Marketing Salon utilizes email automations to remind customers of our bi-weekly digital marketing seminars, special promotions and discounts, or appointments.

It is also used to remind colleagues of work-related functions, such as meetings, conferences or upcoming project deadlines. Email automation is the best way to send professional messages to everyone in your online address book with little effort and in a quick manner.

3. To tell your customers you are thinking of them

Even when there is no news to share with your customers or associates, automatic emails can serve an additional function of restoring faith in your service or business by sending out periodic messages that thank these individuals for their past loyalty or to alert them of an issue that may prevent you from being of service in the future.

For instance, if you are moving your company or have hired new faces in your business, sending out automated emails will keep clients abreast of changes and movement that could impact their patronage. Keeping customers “in-the-loop” can go a long way toward building and restoring faith and loyalty in your business.

4. To send out a little inspiration

Automated emails are great ways to inspire customers and clients, too. This would be a perfect way to get consumers in the mood for holiday shopping, for instance, when you send out a planned message to your contacts to let them know of a new product or a clever gift idea. These can serve to echo any advertising, marketing, or sales that you have planned, and these simple emails may inspire consumers to pay your business a visit.

5. To collect marketing data

You won’t know if you had a successful email automation campaign unless you can track and collect data of sticky rate, ROI, conversion rate, and unfortunately, unsubscribers. This data can help you understand if your email marketing campaign was successful or bombed. The Marketing Salon helps small businesses understand their data collected through Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. Digital marketing experts at The Marketing Salon evaluate this data and can help small business owners learn to utilize their marketing tools in an efficient manner.

Email automation is a powerful tool. The investment is far outweighed by the potential revenue and it is the most efficient way to reach a broad consumer base with little effort and minimal cost. The Marketing Salon can help you get set up today with the email marketing tools that are the best user-friendly and financially fit for your business.

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